Learning to be happy 😋🌺

When I was growing up I always laughed at those who said you had to learn to be happy. “What a load of rubbish” I thought, “either you are happy or you’re not, you can’t learn to feel something”. Funnily enough, you can.

Unfortunately major stress and anxieties need to deal with before practicing the art of “being happy”. In saying that though these techniques will definitely add some sunlight into your life and can aid in recovery from stressful events. But these are just some things that I do, things that work for me and things that I think will help you too. 
I’ll admit that maintaining my happiness levels and mental health has been significantly easier since reaching enlightenment. I definitely recommend trying to do so yourself, it just makes so much sense, everything makes so much more sense to me now. I have more understanding of others, more patience, more clarity and calmness and it’s just been bliss, really. [I have planned a blog post on what I did to trigger my enlightenment ~ if you’re interested keep an eye out for that]

Close you’re eyes. Clear your mind. Notice how your body feels right now, is it trying to tell you something? Now’s a good time to listen and take note of any aches or pains that your body is expressing. Now is a good time for a quick meditation. Or, if you’re like me and struggle to sit still for too long, it’s a good time to be in the ‘now’. Relaxing with your eyes closed for a couple minutes just breathing and feeling your body is an excellent way to get into a good headspace and clear your thoughts. Starting the day with a clear head will do wonders.

I like to do this before I get out of bed and before I go to sleep, but anytime is perfect. 
Use this time to think about what it is you are grateful for. Being grateful will show the universe that you are happy with what it has given you, you will be rewarded for this with further things to be grateful for. It’s a magical cycle that I’m amazed more people aren’t in on, it’s so easy and it feels so great to have an emotion to express when we feel truly good for having something in our lives. There are many things to feel grateful for, Don’t forget about the small things!

I would just say “listen to music” but no, it has to be good music. Music that makes you happy and feel good, maybe it has a good beat or some bang on lyrical genius that just gets you pumped and riled up for an awesome day. 
Alternatively, listening to sound healing music is awesome too. I do this on weekends when I do my housework and want to work on my chakras at the same time. It’s a super sneaky awesome trick that works so well. Jump onto YouTube and check out the abundance of sound healing clips or meditation music that are designed to aid in stress and anxiety or relaxing. Literally whatever it is you need, it’s there.

I know I know, but it works! Without a doubt since I started walking everywhere I have been considerably happier. My carbon footprint is virtually non-existent, my fitness is getting insane and my skin is GLOWING! No joke, spending some quality time outdoors and getting exercise is a good way to go about increasing happiness, the fitness part is just a bonus. You don’t have to walk excessively like I do, but I do it because I reallyenjoy it and even going for a short walk when the sun is high will do wonders for your mental health. 

If you aren’t sleeping well or aren’t sleeping enough, your body is going to be fatigued and stressed. Pretty simple. Adjusting your sleeping schedule may be a good option if you’re awake most hours of the night. Unfortunately we are not nocturnal and our bodies function better when we are in tune with the earth and our life star, the sun. Personally, I have perfected my body clock to rise early morning and rest early evening so I get the most use out of my day; being awake for the import hours and then resting for 6-8 hours of the night. 


Vegetables, fruit and meat (if you eat it). I 100% believe that we don’t require meat in our diets. I am a carnivore purely because I was raised that way and love steak but my diet consists mostly of vegetables and fresh fruits. My conscience would LOVE it if I could go full vegan and cut animal products all together but I love milk WAY too much for that. My main point here is to just pay attention to what you’re eating, your body will tell you when it’s had enough or the food is no good. Eat what makes you feel good and you’ll feel good, it’s pretty straight forward 🤷🏻‍♀️

When I say “look after your body” I mean when you shower, actually cleanse yourself. I think a lot of people are forgetting to wash away their “dirt” when they shower and they miss a great opportunity to actually rid themselves of negativity or any extra bagging they’ve picked up along their journeys. Probably sounds weird but I find this really helpful and practical in my 21st century life. 

Release emotions! Damn people how can you expect to feel happy if you’re holding onto that thing your sister said last week after she yelled at you for something irrelevant. Let it go. Release your negative thoughts and feelings into the universe and be rid of them. A good way to do this is to talk. If you have someone to talk to that’s great but I like to talk to no one. If I really feel the need to have an ear I imagine myself talking to the universe, I find it helps me express my emotions in a way that won’t come back to bite me. Plus the universe is a really great listener. 

Easy as pie. Spend time playing and being silly with those who mean the most to you. Be sure to show love and receive love. Practice some of these techniques with your friends, the more the merrier! We are trying to increase happiness and more people being happy is perfect for the soul. Humans can’t survive on their own: reach out, connect and inspire.
I could find a 10. Thing for you that I do but I’m going to leave that one to you and urge you to go out and do something that makes you happy. The goal is to be a little more positive than you were yesterday. 
Lots of love



My eye opener. Becoming aware ✨🙏🏻

My main goal with this post is to provide you with some of the things that I believe directly affected my third eye and spiritual awareness. By explaining how I understand this life altering process I aim to give an inside view of what it is to be “aware” and what it means to be enlightened. It is my desire to share my experience with you so that you may take from it what you need to encourage your own development and to impact your spiritual journey in whatever positive way that you might need. 
Google definition (aware) 1. having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. 2. To be concerned or well aware of a situation or development. 

It began with ringing in my ears and headaches. At first I assumed what most people probably would, dehydration. But I was drinking plenty of water and the headaches only targeted the area just above my temples. After a few days the headaches went away and it seemed like nothing. There were severe changes in my moods, I actually had a pretty bad outburst at my partner which I couldn’t fathom at the time because I never do that.
Trying to explain how this all felt and how exactly it happened is really kinda hard. I can’t really explain how I came to know all of this new information, it came from an invisible source. The best way I have come to describe it is that it’s like I had developed another eye that was better at noticing things that suddenly meant more to me. For example, I could suddenly see through personas, I could see where they were sabotaging themselves by the things they said and did. I saw it in myself also, this is why I have become much more settled and happy, because I could see the affect that my thoughts and actions were having on my surroundings and myself and I was able to make the change to turn it in a more positive light.
I find it funny thinking back to me reading bits and pieces online about spiritual awakenings. I liked to think that I was already spiritually awoken but now that I actually am, I realise how naive I was. 
You will only awaken when you are ready and when the universe aligns with your consciousness to share a deeper, more meaningful truth of basically everything you know to be. You need to be ready to hear it and the universe needs to be ready to share it with you. 

The first thing I realised was that I was actually sabotaging myself through negative thoughts and actions that were being reflected back into my life. My first step to understanding everything was learning that we directly affect the things that occur in our lives via the vibrations that we release. The aura of energy that we carry with us everywhere has a direct affect on the way we receive and perceive everything in our lives. Once I saw it I began to play around with it and I learned I could control my own. I saw immediate results and was actually amazed at how effective it was in bringing success and happiness into my life. Knowing that everything vibrates with energy, an invisible force that interacts without being seen and drives the universe is a understanding the the world is more than what we see with out physical eyes. 
The next lesson was pretty simple; these energies attract similar energies. Positive attracts positive and negative energy attracts more negative energy. This is why positive thoughts and affirmations work so well to bring about more positive energy. Each thought has its own vibration and it sings out to the universe like advertisement for what you want. Most of the time it is unintentional but it can explain why things sometimes go from bad to worse. Dwelling on what’s wrong and will only create more issues and cause more grief. 
 Now that the basics are covered, I can get into what really made me realise that I was awakening and what affected me the most during the process. This is my own personal experience. 

The first place that I noticed a change was in my dreaming and sleep status. Even though my physical body rested for approximately 6-8 hours each night, it was like my spirit had remained awake and had watched my dreams, paying extra attention to the details. My dreams had become very vivid, I would wake with the memory of how it felt when I touched a particular object with my hand, I remember how real it felt to me. And this caused a struggle to differentiate between reality and something I’d dreamt.
When I first wake in the morning I generally didn’t remember my dreams and would just feel pretty well rested. I would find myself remembering parts of my dreams later in the day and because they felt like real memories I sometimes couldn’t tell if they occurred in real life in my dreamland. It wasn’t until I didn’t physically have what I remember having so vividly that I could be confident in my separation of the two. To best understand this I will mention that the particular dream that triggered this development involved me finding a rather large lump in my left breast. I remember so clearly what it felt like in my dream to feel the lump there, what was weird about it was that I wasn’t concerned about it. In the [dream] memory of me finding it I remember thinking that it wasn’t like the emergency kind of reaction that I would clearly display had I really found a lump that big in my breast. Thankful after a thorough self check there was no lump, but wasn’t until I checked my physical self that I could say definitely that it was a dream. I haven’t gone into deciphering the meaning to this particular dream or what it was exactly trying to tell me but instead decided to focused on how it started the avalanche of awareness. The actual journey of awakening was so well coordinated and timed so perfectly that all I had to do was go through the motions and listen to what my intuition was telling me.
Being aware (awake) is truly amazing. I am deeply happier now and have confidence in myself and the universe. It was so hard not to notice the difference between how people reacted to me with these newer much healthier vibrations that I chose for myself. Even people who I spoke to through text that lived miles and miles away from me had a noticeable change in how they listened and responded to me. For the first time in my life I felt like I had touch people, I had made a difference in their vibrations which would then altered the outcome of their day. Because I’m now giving off such a strong positive frequency, it was like the people I interacted with would pick some of it up and actually reflect it back at me. Which was awesome because I knew that having them think even slightly more positive would cause a slight change in how their day went and in return would cause a slight shift in mine.
Once you understand how everything works you can make any adjustments and necessary changes to bring about what you desire. Kind of like before you only saw the destination but now you also know the best route to get there. It was truly magical to me. It felt like I had finally developed my essence, like I’d suddenly realised I had the magic in me the whole time but now I can feel it, I know it’s there and I understand exactly how it works and how to use it. 


It terrifies a lot of people, myself included sometimes. We seem to understand that if things are comfortable and/or favoured change can disrupt that, reverse our hard work or undo our happiness. But what we forget is that without change we can’t grow. 
Growth is a very important part of our development and can impact us profoundly. The second you’re born you start to grow, your cells replacing themselves and maturing as we get older, this is continuous throughout our entire lives. Could you imagine if you were born and we never changed? Picture yourself growing old in the exact place you’re in now, would you be happy? My point is change is constant, it is always in action, it creates patterns and is sometimes random but it’s ever… changing… 
I am so tired of people telling me that I have changed, of course I’ve changed! How do you grow and develope yourself without change? I used to be riddled with anxieties and depression and wanted to DIE, please tell me HOW and WHERE it became a negative thing for me to change myself? For me to better my mental health I had to break boundaries and work for it, once my mental health came into check my physical health started to as well. Now I am the fittest, healthiest and happiest I have EVER been in my life. I have a job and an apartment where I live with my amazing partner and literally live happily. Please tell me where it disadvantaged anyone by this process of change? Please explain to me how it is a bad thing for me to have changed myself and my life?
See how I like to think of change is like this. It’s going to happen, whether your embrace it or not. Might as well get good momentum in the things you do to swing that change in your favour. This can be done through your actions and thought processes throughout the days leading up to or during. The universe is going to take you where it needs to anyways, whatever is supposed to happen is going to happen so you can either sit and chill where you are and let change define you, or you can decide for yourself where the change is going to occur in our life. Never stop discovering or learning, continuously grow as a person, decide for yourself how your life is going to change. 

Manifestation and Creative Visualisation ✨

There are many documentaries that you can find to help you understand the universal Law of Attraction but there is no better way to experience it than to try it yourself. Do it. Visualise something you want, get Creative, get specific, dream BIG.

My own experiences with manifestion are still developing, I only “kind of” put it into action in recent weeks and it has worked so well that I need (want) to try manifesting bigger and better things. 

It works kind of like a magnet. Every thought that you have has it’s own vibrational frequency and this “vibe” attracts similar vibrations. If you think negative thoughts or feel negative feelings, you are sending out those vibrations, drawing MORE of THOSE vibrations. If you keep thinking positively and actually visually see in your head what it is you want from the universe, it is sure to come your way. By just being aware of your vibrations you become able to control them, tuning into the vibrations that you wish to receive/omit. Being able to replace bad emotions with good and positive ones to ensure that more of those come into your life is a very beneficial skill to have. By understanding this Law of the Universe we can achieve very amazing things, and the best part, there is no limit. 

There is no set amount that the universe dishes out to us when we come into this life. We choose what life we live, we set our own limits and THAT’s the big problem. There’s a high chance right now that you don’t believe what I’m telling you. You may think it’s garbage and that you’ve had it tougher than everybody else, of course this Law would suggest that YOU are the reason that your life probably isn’t going so well. But focusing on those negative feelings of resentment, anger, frustration, all it’s doing is heightening your senses to pick up on those vibes around you. You notice them more because that’s what you’re tuned into, it’s why when you get up out of the wrong side of the bed in the morning you are bound to have a bad day if you spend the rest of that day your paying attention to all the things that have gone wrong. This is what downward spirals are. Wonderfully for us there is another universal law that says for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Meaning, if we can downward spiral, we can upward spiral too. These Laws help us realise this. 

It sounds bogus I know, but it works. The funny thing about all of this, is since I became aware of this secret of the universe, my eyes are opened wider than ever before. I feel like I am lighter, I feel like my senses have hightened, particularly my sense of hearing due to ringing in my ears that I hadn’t had before. In my mind the best way to learn more about this and to develope my technique is to practice the art.  Being able to flick the switch in your mind to be receptive to only positive energies is a skill mastered through meditation. Using meditation time to manifest and using my manifestion to focus my meditation balances so well they just go hand in hand. So many people have evidence of this Law of attraction working in their favour, work it your favour too by just becoming aware. 

I will be talking about this topic a couple more times here, I will be testing these Universal laws to see what I can attract into my life 🌸

My spirituality 💫

When I was young, I had a rather tough time and thinking it would help I turned to God. When my depression didn’t ease and Gods love wasn’t found, I came to my senses and believed in myself. A “I am here, God is not” kinda thing. 

Starting my twenties, I longed for something to believe in that didn’t leave me wondering or confuse the hell out of me. I believed in myself but it wasn’t enough, believing in myself didn’t give me the sense of purpose or worth that I was looking for. 

Then. One day, someone introduced me to yoga, and meditation. As anyone who does yoga and meditatation knows, when you immerse yourself into the world of meditation, you learn to see. When I say that I don’t mean you learn to open your eyes and see the things in front of you. I mean you open your third eye and see the unseen, you feel the feeling of undisurbed peace and harmony that is there for all of us to feel. It is truly magical. And I only wish I meditated more than I do. 

When I do start my day with meditation, I am setting myself up for of great, positive, enlightening day. Using meditation to draw in that positive, healthy, stable energy and using it to draw out the stressed negative energy, releasing it into the universe to reuse and repurpose. Using the time to also practice manifestation and visualisation, (that’s a talk for another day). Meditation has really opened my eyes (all three of them) to the wholeness and oneness that you can feel. Mindfulness is also a good technique that I have learnt. Using this method to feel how I feel and notice anything that might need attention is an excellent way to connect with myself and really allow myself the attention that I deserve to give to myself. 
So when I was young, spirituality, to me, meant believing in God. Nowadays, it means believing in the universe, believing in the universe through myself. Spirituality means seeing the world through my eyes, and seeing the world through my space, my vibration, my essence. Allowing myself to learn about the world we live in by seeing everything through these enlightened bright eyes that I’ve gained through meditation. The act of meditation isn’t exactly spiritual for me, sometimes I fall asleep and other times I can barely sit still. But through practicing and continuously focusing on the breathe (like you’ve heard a thousand times) I am able to see the world in a new light that amazes me to the absolute beyond. Praying to God never helped me in this way. Praying to God never made me realise that I am amazing and absolutely devine. We are all devine, when our eyes are open, we are whole and we are our devine selves. Our higher conciousness is tapped into and we have access to higher knowledge and are actually able to see things in a whole new perspective. And if you’re like me, when your third eye opened, you suddenly became interested space and science. EVERYTHING gained a new purpose, a new light, a new sense of excitement that I STILL cannot get enough of. It was after having my third eye opened, that I found my purpose, my life intention. And to me that’s pretty fucking spiritual. 

My Journey

HELLO! Welcome to my new blog! I have had a few blogs over the years but thought maybe people would prefer to here about the prime of my life rather than random thoughts I had as a teenager haha so here I am, a mere 22 year old female living on the wonderful coast of Queensland we call the Gold Coast, it is a absolutely beautiful place. 

It is currently mid-winter so we are double layering our clothing and hibernating in our homes. The wind here is incredible some days that I swear it’s best to stay inside. I hate winter. I want to run in my short shorts and show my skin in bakinis! I don’t work out for nothing you know hah Winters are good for getting high and getting snugged though so it’s not all bad ✨❄️